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Container Warehouse Felixstowe

The facilities owned by James Kemball provide off dock storage capacity in port-centric locations across UK and Europe, including Felixstowe. Our transport and warehouse facilities offer 650,000 sq ft of ambient storage and 100,000 of cold storage. Our UK and international depots have in excess of 11,600 TEU loaded and empty container capacity.

We can facilitate all your cargo needs in Felixstowe, extending as far as Tilbury, Southampton and even Rotterdam. Our strategic plan is to add value to our customers and provide professional, bespoke services to streamline their supply chain and reduce cost.

Secure Facilities in Felixstowe

We provide retailers, shipping lines and freight forwarders with a container storage solutions in Felixstowe that boasts state of the art facilities and outstanding customer service.

We Can Guarantee You

Health & Safety

We regard the management of Health & Safety as an integral part of our business and is designed to contribute to improving business performance. Our policy is to ensure that all activities carried out will be in a safe manner and our target is for zero accidents by applying H&S management.

Ethics & Environment

When it comes to ethics and environment, James Kemball continuously assess and improve our practices to ensure alignment with the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, striving to make a positive impact on both local and global scales.

ETSF Facilities

We offer distinctive benefits to our customers, such as expedited deliveries achieved by strategically locating goods closer to customers. Our secure and compliant storage facility allows customers ample time to manage customs duty payments while their goods are safely stored.

Shunting Services

Our shunting services streamline logistics, enhancing efficiency in cargo transportation. We expertly manage the movement of containers, optimising yard operations. This results in a seamless transfer of goods, reducing transit times and ensuring timely deliveries.

Service Excellence

Skilled, knowledgeable, experienced team bring you best practice.

Global Network

Ability to underpin your supply chain with a variety of additional services.

Collaborative Working

We strive to maximise value within all container service operations.

Cross Service Solutions

In addition to our optimal locations, our Container Holding Centres employ experienced supply chain
professionals that deliver an industry-leading service.

With James Kemball, you can put your trust in our hands for all secure storage container solutions.

Our Care For The Environment

We recognise that our operations have an impact on the environment, and we strive to minimise it through the following actions:

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James Kemball are always looking at innovative ways to provide the best container storage solutions across all of Europe, so, why wouldn’t you choose us? Get in touch with one of the leading storage and project cargo centres to date and request a free quote for all of your storage needs.