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We offer the newest and highest quality vehicles, with the most advanced technology, to provide intelligent container transport services. Our ethos is built around investment in the right equipment to provide the most efficient solutions. We are now boasting a well maintained modern fleet of over 300 x 44 tonne vehicles, the majority of which are Scania and Volvo units.
James Kemball offers a high trailer:vehicle ratio to suit multiple industries. We operate 400 trailers consisting of modern Dennison sliding trailers, tipper trailers, splitter trailers and the use of low-loaders.




Microlise is our core fleet management telematics product, which enables us to pinpoint exactly where our vehicles are at all times. Through Microlise we are able to measure how safely and economically our vehicles are being driven, which delivers us the necessary information to improve performance, reduce emissions and to maintain a low cost base. In real-time we are able to monitor the status of trips against set KPI’s and schedules and react as the journey unfolds.


TOPS enables us to dynamically schedule our fleet and track each delivery. Orders from our partners can be electronically submitted into TOPs, allowing our Central Planning department to dynamically plan and allocate resources to ensure optimum vehicle utilisation. TOPs interface with Microlise then allows us to track deliveries door to door.

In Cab Technology

All of our vehicles are continually fitted and maintained with state of the art GPS satellite positioning and communication equipment and our handsets are put through a rigourous daily five point check, meaning our drivers remain in contact all of the time. Our ethos is built around investment in the right technology to provide the most efficient solutions.

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