UK Container Transport Crisis 2018

The UK container transport industry is currently at crisis point, which has been evidenced in recent weeks with major disruption to supply chains during this year’s peak season period.

Heightened by congestion at the UK’s major container ports, the UK container transport sector has been overrun and struggled desperately to cope with the demand due to changes in the shipping industry over the past decade.

Hampered by driver shortages, poor infrastructure, legislation, escalating costs, decreasing revenues and the introduction of mega ships and mega ports, the future of the industry is in doubt without immediate change and reform.

James Kemball, in conjunction with other industry stakeholders, have compiled a detailed document on the state of the industry, which can be downloaded below. The document is a factual report on the UK container transport industry, based on interviews with major hauliers, carriers, forwarders and cargo owners.

The problems within container transport will not be fixed overnight. Road networks and port infrastructure will take government planning, legislation, and years to improve. Driver shortages are not going away and mega ships have been so heavily invested in, without the foresight to consider their full impact, that the industry must accept they are here to stay and adjust accordingly.

The report highlights the need for change and the need to rebalance the risk and we urge all parties to download the document with a view to assisting in the recovery process.



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