Thames Crossing For Tilbury

by | Jun 19, 2017

Last week saw the chosen route for the new Thames Crossing announced, which will connect Tilbury and Gravesend, meaning journey times from Essex and Suffolk to Dover and mainland Europe will be reduced.

The new route, which will be some years in construction,  will bring much needed relief to the busy Dartford crossing, by connecting the M25 in Essex with the A2 in Kent.

Journey times from South Essex to Dover could be reduced by around 30 minutes off peak and by 60 minutes, or more, during peak times. The new route will be a major boost for logistics services and a boost to our customers using our Tilbury distribution centre.

Recently, we brought you news of the first ever rail freight train services to and from China, which arrive and depart within a stones throw of our Tilbury  operations. With the ports of London Tilbury and London Gateway also close by, the new Thames Crossing will strengthen the position of our DC, which is now at the epicentre of the UK’s global logistics base. 

The planned shorter route to Dover, which handles around 17% of the UK’s import and export traffic, and the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone, will be a boost to European road freight services.

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