Why James Kemball?


  • Monitoring We offer full coverage of your container booking from the moment your booking is received all the way until the container has been resituated back onto the port of exit / depot. This is managed by a team of transport professionals to ensure our client demand is met to the highest of standards. We ensure any delay is communicated and ensure planning is made to hit any booking slot that is requested.
  • Storage FacilitiesWith the ability store over 1500 containers and turnaround times on average well below 30 minutes, this provides a cheaper and more efficient alternative to on quay storage charges.  Attached is a copy of our tariff and we would encourage you to speak to our team at The Holding Centre regarding any regular or long stay business that you may have through Felixstowe. We can work together to further improve your service levels and reduce your overall costs. The Felixstowe based Holding Centre has scope for any laden storage requirements including un-cleared full container loads under our ETSF customs agreement. We also offer competitive pricing for any Devan / Repacks. Loaded Reefer storage is also available.
  • State of the Art Equipment We run a fleet of over 200 Vehicles all fitted with the latest editions of telematics systems. All of our trucks/trailers are maintained by our dedicated fleet department to ensure the highest levels of compliance are maintained.
  • Locations We are based around all the Main Ports of the UK. Our Depots in Felixstowe/LGW/Southampton provide 24/7 coverage of container Haulage all year round. We can also work around all Inland depots to cover Exports to the above ports.
  • Intelligent Transport ManagementWe can facilitate Drop & Swap solutions and peak / off peak delivery times. We also offer night and weekend solutions. Our attitude is whatever our client needs we will find a solution.
  • Daily Port & Road ReportingWe offer daily UK Transport reports to provide our customers with real time information on the ports and roads. This covers updates on status of the ports, vessels, weather. This also gives up to date information on the main roads in the UK. This is to offer our customers and clear insight into all of the contributing factors to delays within our industry.
  • Return load We provide container load pairing which reduces the round trip cost. 
  • General cargo returns We can provide general transport services on route back to the port providing more value for money services contributing to the round trip cost.
  • Motivated and Experienced Professionals – With well over 100 years of transport professional experience and with hardworking, reliable drivers that share the same passion for our client service levels, James Kemball certainly care about your cargo.
  • Problem solving and new thinking – We are highly motivated and results driven so we are keen to come up with the most cost effective and profitable solution, so knocking down barriers and creating a friction free service is our main focus.

Please call the following contacts to discuss your requirements –

Felixstowe – David Goldie – 01394 601516
Southampton – Dean Millier – 02380 004901
London Gateway and Tilbury – Mick Simmonds / Darren Young 01375 851395
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James Kemball MultiPort Tariff 2019


2019 Depot Rates

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