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Secure Off-Dock Storage Solutions

Port charges are crucial for maintaining the flow of cargo through ports, but sometimes on-dock storage isn’t feasible. That’s where James Kemball’s off-dock storage services come into play.

Strategically positioned across the UK, our off-dock storage facilities provide a reliable alternative for full container storage, conveniently located near central hubs and major ports. Experience the advantages of port-side storage, such as container accessibility and top-notch security measures, all at a cost-effective rate.

Off-Dock Storage in Multiple Locations

James Kemball offers off-dock storage solutions strategically positioned across key locations in South East England. These facilities provide businesses with convenient and efficient storage options for their containerized goods. Our off-dock storage services cater to businesses seeking flexibility and accessibility in managing their logistics operations.

Our off-dock storage facilities are situated near major ports and transportation hubs, including Felixstowe, Southampton and Tilbury. These locations are pivotal for international trade and cargo movement, ensuring businesses have easy access to storage services while avoiding congestion at port terminals.

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Do you require off-dock storage?

At James Kemball, we continuously seek innovative approaches to offer premier off-dock storage solutions throughout Europe. With our commitment to excellence, why settle for anything less? Reach out to one of the foremost off-dock storage and project cargo centers today and inquire about a complimentary quote tailored to fulfill all your storage requirements.