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Kemball Daily 6th January

Felixstowe Port

Road  A14 westbound between junctions J44 Bury St Edmunds East and J38 Newmarket East, A14 westbound between J44 and J43, A14 westbound between J39 and J38, roadworks. A14 eastbound between junctions J37 Newmarket West and J44 Bury St Edmunds East, A14 eastbound between J37 and J38, A14 eastbound between J43 and J44, roadworks. A12 southbound between the A1124 and the junction with the A120 Colchester West, A12 southbound within the A1124 junction, A12 southbound within the A120 near Colchester (west) junction, roadworks. A120 eastbound between the M11 and the junction with the A131 North, A120 eastbound between B1256 near Great Dunmow (West) and B1008/B1256, A120 eastbound at a minor junction between A131 (south) and B1018, roadworks.

Port – At present, no issues to report.

Vessel – MSC London (Working), Vaga Maersk (Working), Leo C (Working), MSC La Spezia (Working), OOCL Hong Kong (Working), Anna G (Inbound), Zim Europe (Inbound), MSC Diletta (Inbound), Lucie Schulte (Inbound), Zapadnyy (Inbound), MSC Tuxpan (Inbound).

JK Depots – The Felixstowe based Holding Centre has scope for any laden storage requirements including un-cleared full container loads under our ETSF customs agreement. We also offer competitive pricing for any devan, repacks and de-rigging for GOH containers. Loaded Reefer storage available please email:

Availability – Unfortunately, we are unable to take any further bookings today.

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

Southampton Port

Road – M3 eastbound between junctions J14 and J13, M3 eastbound within J14, M3 eastbound between J14 and J13, Roadworks. M3 eastbound between junctions M27 and J13, Roadworks. M3 westbound between junction J14 and the M27, M3 westbound between J13 and J14, link road from M3 J14 westbound to M27 J4 eastbound, Roadworks. M3 eastbound between the M27 westbound and junction J14, Roadworks. M27 eastbound between junctions J4 and J5, M27 eastbound within J4, M27 eastbound within J5, Roadworks.

Port – Port was very busy yesterday due to volume of traffic. This morning seems to be a lot better operationally. Further operational information can be found here.

Vessel – CMA CGM Bougainville (Working), HMM Gaon (Working), CMA CGM Titus (Complete), NYK Rumina (Working), Maersk Bali (Inbound), Independent Quest (Inbound), Elisabeth (Inbound), Ren Jian 15 (Inbound), HMM Hanul (Inbound), Torrente (Inbound), Helmut (Inbound), Bjorg (Inbound), Eli A (Inbound), APL Lion City (Inbound), CMA CGM Aliaga (Inbound).

JK Depots – We are open 24/7 on our haulage operation.

Availability – Unfortunately, we are unable to take any further bookings today.

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

London Gateway Port

Road  M4 eastbound between junctions J6 and J5, broken down vehicle. M25 clockwise at junction J15, emergency roadworks. M40 northbound between junctions J5 and J6, barrier repairs.

Port – Yang Ming have been shut off out of London Gateway quay and we will not have any space there until the next vessels arrive, which are ONE BLUE JAY and ONE AQUILA, they expect to be able start booking empties to these vessels around the first week of January 2022, when they are open for export bookings, as according to YML latest update. Further operational information can be found here.

Tilbury 2 tend to become very slow operationally early afternoon, with driver facing waiting times between 2 and 3hrs at a time.

Vessel – Emma Maersk (Working), Valparaiso Express (Working), Spirit (Cancelled), MSC Palak (Working), Alexander B (Inbound), W Klaipeda (Inbound), Tsingtao Express (Cancelled), Tanja (Inbound), ONE Aquila (Inbound), Missouri Express (Inbound), Northern Javelin (Inbound), Helena Schepers (Inbound), CMA CGM Cayenne (Inbound), MSC Giselle (Cancelled), MSC Yokohama (Inbound), CAP SAN Artemissio (Inbound), Amoliani (Inbound), MOL Guardian (Cancelled).

Availability – Unfortunately, we are unable to take any further bookings today.

Weather – Currently no weather issues to report.

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