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Container Haulage Felixstowe

If you’re searching for haulage companies in Felixstowe, look no further than James Kemball. Serving all of the major UK ports, including Felixstowe, James Kemball has a fleet of over 500 vehicles that assist in providing the most efficient container transport services to and from Felixstowe, plus additional locations such as Tilbury and Southampton.

This comprehensive offering ensures seamless logistics solutions for our clients, catering to their diverse shipping needs with efficiency and reliability. If you require additional information or have specific inquiries regarding container haulage in Felixstowe, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Health & Safety On The Road

James Kemball prioritises the health and safety of its drivers and all road users. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive Driver’s Health & Safety policy, which emphasises safe driving practices.

To maintain a professional standard of health and safety throughout the organisation, we implement a stringent “zero tolerance” Drug and Alcohol policy. This policy is actively enforced through random sample testing of our staff, serving as a condition of employment with the company.

Our Commitment To You

Our dedicated emphasis on driver training and safety enables us to reap advantages that we can then extend to our customers

Improved Driver Skills & Safety

Our drivers undergo regular training, amongst drug and alcohol testing to ensure safety on the roads.

Improved fuel Economy Through Efficient Transport

Cutting-edge vehicles, top-tier quality, and advanced technology for intelligent container transport solutions.

Reductions in Lost Time Working

We ensure a smooth flow of operations, reducing downtime accosiated with downtime with delays and disruptions.

Reduction in vehicle damage

Our commitment to minimising vehicle damage ensures your shipments reach their destination in optimal condition.


Established in 1973 and based in Felixstowe, James Kemball has built an enviable reputation for customer care, reliability and service standards.


Over 500 of the newest and highest quality vehicles, equipped with the most advanced technology tracking and monitoring software.


Providing retailers, shipping lines & freight forwarders with container storage solutions that boasts state of the art facilities.

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